For the lovers of poker games, today you have something to smile for. NetEnt brings a digital version of a poker table to your disposal. NetEnt Jacks or Better just a single-player poker game that features all the characteristics of a classic casino. For the players of Canada, you can play the slot at .

Theme and Gameplay

( baffor ) Like any other video poker game, Jacks or Better, the game is based on traditional poker cards. A player is dealt with five cards (out of 52) and required to form a particular combination "poker hand". After the first 5 cards are dealt, the player can ‘hold’ some cards and wait for a draw.

  1. NetEnt Jacks or Better has a total of 52 cards.
  2. The game is played over the computer.

Some of the poker hands used include; Royal Straight Flush which is A, K, Q, J, and 10 when they come from the same suit. Straight Flush is achieved by getting 5 consecutive cards eg 8, 9, 10, J, and Q from the same suit. Four of a Kind is simply four cards with the same value.


Jacks or Better Double Up Video Poker Bet Limits

Both bet level and coin value are flexible thus can be adjusted. Bet levels range from 1 to 5 and coin values are 0.1€, 0.2€, 0.5€, 1€, 2€, 5€, and 10€. The amount of coin bet in each hand are represented by the bet level. You can calculate both the maximum and the minimum bet levels as follows.

The max bet calculated by multiplying the coin value with the maximum bet level (Coin value (10€) x Bet level 5 = 50 euros). The min bet is achieved by taking the minimum bet level and multiplying it with coin value (Bet level 1 x 0.1€ (coin value) = 0.10 euros). The outcome depends on value of the hands.

Pay Table / Win Plan

Each poker hand has its own payout value displayed at the paytable of the game. It displayed on the screen (at the center). The paytable also shows which poker hand will play out and on which level. On the left hand, there is another paytable that shows how many coins paid out.

In Netent Jacks or Better, the poker hand with the highest value is Royal Straight Flush. When you play it on the highest bet level, Royal Straight Flush can pay out a high wagered coin value of 4000x. Pokerhand with the lowest value is Jacks or Better and can pay x 1 when played at the lowest bet level.

The Game Manual

Before you start placing your bet, you need to customize your interface. You need to set the bet level and configure the coin value. You can perform those settings by clicking on arrows near LEVEL, COIN VALUE, and HANDS displays. Adjusting the BET LEVEL will also adjust the value on the two paytables.

  • Jacks or Better can bring high payots
  • The game has beautiful graphical display.

A game round starts when you click MIDDLE ROUND BUTTON. The player gets 5 cards dealt. When poker hand is dealt, All the cards forming the poker will be held automatically. The draw takes place when the player press the middle button again. The final hand is then formed (cards that were not held are replaced by new ones).

How Players Get Paid

After the draw is done, the paytable on the left hand of the screen will display the number of poker hands formed and the total coins to be paid depending on the bet level. What is paid is simply (the total poker hands amount x their coin value) multiplied by the coin value.

The player has also an opportunity to gamble their winnings. They can double the winings 5 times. The player can click the GAMBLE button to open the Double-Up feature. The player receives 5 cards face-down and needs to guess their colors (red or black). Guessing right doubles the winning but wrong guess leads to loss of the whole bet.